Monday, June 26, 2017

5 Easy Steps For a Safe Family Road Trip

It is that time of year again to gather up the troops and head out on the not-so open road. Family road trips are a great American pastime, but safety missteps don't have to be part of that quality family time. Follow these 5 easy steps to help ensure a safe, memorable trip.

Step 1:
Call your mechanic before the trip.
Schedule a tune-up with checks on wiper blades, lights, tires, battery, fluids and any other essentials. Tell your mechanic that you're planning a long trip and ask if he or she has any concerns about your vehicle.

Step 2:
Clean your car and check your child safety seats.
Take out any clutter, wipe down air vents and give your car a thorough wash, giving extra attention to headlights, windows and mirrors. Inspect your child safety seats, too. You can find a Child Car Seat Inspection location to verify yours are installed correctly. The service is often free.

Step 3:
Map your route and update your emergency kit.
Sure, a smartphone or your vehicle's Onstar GPS can get you just about anywhere, but an hour or two of planning can help you find those hidden treasures along the way. Don't forget to round up those road-smart safety essentials such as first-aid items, a flashlight, a portable phone charger, a blanket and extra water, as well as jumper cables or a battery-charging kit.

Step 4:
Pack for safety.
Loose items and unsecured bags become dangerous if you stop suddenly or are in an accident. Put the heaviest items in the lowest spot and toward the center of your vehicle. Tie down bags or other bulky items such as strollers with webbed or corded straps, and keep windows unobstructed. Give each child a smaller bag to store snacks, electronics and other travel essentials within reach. If your family's pet is making the journey with you, secure them or their traveling kennel.

Step 5:
Sleep, drive and have fun.
Twenty-one percent of car-related fatalities are due to drowsy driving. Before you put the keys in the ignition, get a good night of sleep. If you're tired along the way, pull over and take a quick nap, and switch driving duties frequently with another adult, if you can. Your time on the road with family and friends isn't a race to get from one spot to the next. Relax, enjoy the sights and cement those memories for years to come.

We are fortunate to live in Colorado and have so many wonderful sights to experience. At John Elway Chevrolet, we hope everyone has a safe and fun filled summer. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Using Apple Car Play In Your New Chevrolet

Welcome to John Elway Chevrolet technology tutorials. In this video we'll be showing you how to use Apple CarPlay with your new Chevrolet.

Apple CarPlay requires that a standard “Lightning” charging cable be plugged into your iPhone and the USB port in your new Chevy. Once connected, the “Projection” Icon on your home screen will change to Apple CarPlay.

When you press the CarPlay icon, a new screen will appear showing apps from your phone. And just like your iPhone, you can access Siri by pressing and holding the icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Pressing the PHONE icon will provide you with access to contacts, keypad and even visual voicemail right from your phone. You can return to the previous menu by pressing the icon on the lower left of the screen.

Pressing the MUSIC icon lets you listen to the music currently playing on your iPhone, as well as any of the artists, playlists or songs on your iPhone. If you choose, you can sort your music by a variety of menu choices. You can even listen to the music streaming service Apple Radio.

Pressing the MAPS icon brings the convenience of your phone maps app right on your center console so you can find locations or addresses and retrieve easy to follow, point to point driving instructions. You can even use Siri to find, let’s say… a “Starbucks” near you.

To disconnect Apple CarPlay, just unplug the Lightning charging cable from your car.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Connect Bluetooth to Chevy MyLink, John Elway Chevrolet 2-Minute Drill

Welcome to John Elway Chevrolet technology tutorials. In this video we'll be showing you how to connect your iPhone via Bluetooth.

Touch the icon marked “settings” on your touchscreen and scroll down until you see the Bluetooth option, and select it.

Select the “Pair New Device” option from this menu.

On your iPhone, select Settings, then Bluetooth. Your iPhone will search for a Bluetooth signal and you should see Chevy MyLink pop up. Go ahead and select it.

You should now see the same pin on your dashboard as your phone. If the two match, select YES. After a few seconds, your phone and your Chevy will be paired.

If you wish to disconnect your phone from the Bluetooth in your Chevy, Select Phone from the home screen, then select the phone you want to remove and press DISCONNECT. If you want to remove a phone altogether, press the icon on the right and then confirm you want to delete it.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

How To Install a Child's Car Seat, Tips & Resources

At John Elway Chevrolet of Denver, we realize a child’s safety is of the utmost importance when on the road. As a parent it is important to know how to properly install a car seat and safely secure your child in that seat. There are so many different vehicle and car seat combinations that it can be an overwhelming task. We have put together some tips and resources to help you navigate the installation of your child car seat.

We must first stress the importance of reading and following the car seat installation instructions from your vehicle and car seat manufacturers. Your child’s safety could be in jeopardy if your car seat is not installed correctly. Since every vehicle and car seat has different instructions, follow these tips to help you install your car seat and make sure your child fits in it correctly.

1.  Read the car seat’s instruction manual and the portion of your vehicle’s owner manual on car seat installation. Every car seat needs to be installed using either the lower anchors or the seat belt to secure it in place. If you choose to use a seat belt to install your car seat, pay close attention to how to lock your seat belt in the vehicle owner’s manual. Because every car seat and vehicle is different, it’s important to follow all instructions carefully.
2.  Place the car seat in the back seat of your vehicle and follow the manufacturer’s installation directions.
3.  The car seat must be secured tightly in the vehicle. It should not move side-to-side or front-to-back more than 1 inch when pulled at the belt path.
4.  If it is a forward-facing seat and has a tether strap, connect it to the tether anchor and tighten. This step is very important as it limits forward head movement in a crash.
5.  If it is a rear-facing seat, make sure the car seat is installed at the correct recline angle. Most car seats have built-in angle indicators or adjusters that help with this step.

Once you are comfortable with the installation of the car seat, it’s time to fit your child into that seat. There are some tips to follow when properly securing your child into a car seat.

1.    Properly position the harness on your child.
·   Rear-facing – Harness straps should lie flat, not twisted, and be placed through the slot that is at or below your child’s shoulders.
·   Forward-facing – Harness straps should lie flat, not twisted, and be placed through the slot that is at or above your child’s shoulders.
2.    Buckle the harness and the chest clip and tighten.
·   The harness is snug enough when extra material cannot be pinched at the shoulder.
3.    Make sure the chest clip is at armpit level.

If you are still not sure that you properly installed the car seat or have any questions, there are several locations that offer free car seat checks . Click here to find the closest location to you to have a trained Child Passenger Safety Technicians help you.

For more information please reference these sites:

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

10 Winter Driving Hacks

Living in Colorado has its pros and cons. Most of us can agree that utilizing your vehicle during the winter months is the source of many of those cons. Dead batteries, frozen windshields, doors sticking and locks freezing are just a few examples of the Colorado winter driving woes. We want to help make these months go by just a little smoother. Here are 10 tips and tricks to get you and your car through the winter.
  1. Raise Your Windshield Wipers: Before the next big snow storm, try raising your windshield wipers to prevent trying to un-stick them from your windshield or digging them out from under the snow and ice.
  2. Use Kitty Litter: Kitty litter can help give you traction in icy conditions. If placed in a sock or permeable bag, kitty litter will pull the moisture out of the air in your car making your foggy windshield a thing of the past.
  3. Ziploc Bags: Cover your side view mirrors with Ziploc bags during the night  to prevent ice from forming on them.
  4. Sandbags: For all of you rear-wheel drivers out there, please place sandbags  or other heavy object over the rear axle to help increase your traction.
  5. Make Your Own De-Icer: Mix 2/3 rubbing alcohol and 1/3 water into a spray  bottle and leave it in your car for a quick and easy de-icer. Be sure to spray it  on at night or if you are leaving your car for an extended amount of time in  the cold and it will also help prevent ice from forming.
  6. Winter Emergency Kit: Make sure you always have a winter emergency kit in  your car. This kit should include things like a blanket, warm gloves, hand  warmers, de-icer, and snacks.
  7. Credit Card: Not only can you buy your way out of trouble with a credit  card, but if you forget your ice scraper you can use your credit card or ID  card to scrape your windshield.
  8. Cooking Spray: If your car doors or trunk freeze shit a lot in the winter, try    spraying some cooking spray on the rubber seals around the door and trunk.  The cooking spray will help keep the rubber from sticking when it gets cold.
  9. Shaving Cream: If you rub in shaving cream on the inside of your    windows    you can prevent them from fogging up.
  10. Hand Sanitizer: Put hand sanitizer on your key to help unfreeze your locks.

We hope some of these tips will help make your winter driving a little more tolerable. Most importantly this winter season, make sure you slow down and drive safe. Thank you from all of us here at John Elway Chevrolet.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

7 Tips for Purchasing a Vehicle

Buying a car or truck can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Past experiences may have you on high alert when buying your next vehicle. At John Elway Chevrolet we hope to change your perception of buying a car and make it an enjoyable experience for you. After all, you are buying a new car and that is pretty exciting.

Aside from our upfront discounted prices and commission free sales professionals, we want to provide you with a 7 tips for purchasing your next vehicle.

There are typically 2 reasons why consumers have problems when buying a vehicle:

  1. Poor communication between the dealers and customers
  2. A misunderstanding of the consumer's obligations (down payment, warranty coverage, etc)
It is important to think through your purchase decision and be comfortable with the terms and conditions. These tips will help prepare you for your purchase.

  1. Determine the type of vehicle you want, need, and is within your budget. Often times consumers feel mislead or tricked because they choose a vehicle outside their budget. Find a monthly payment that works for you and work backwards to find a vehicle price range. Use our payment calculator for help.
  2. Get all the facts you need to make a good decision. Consider the cost of insurance, maintenance expense, financing, etc. Reach out to your insurance company for an estimate, and do some research of cost of ownership for the vehicle you are interested in. 
  3. Decide how you want to pay for the vehicle. Look at purchasing versus leasing. Leasing payments tend to be lower and the risk to the consumer tends to be lower because the vehicles residual value is predetermined at the time of sale. What are you willing to put down as a down payment? Down payment and the term (# of months) of your deal have the most effect on the monthly payment whereas, the interest rate has very little influence on your monthly payment. 
  4. Federal law requires that new cars and trucks display a label showing the MSRP. Some dealerships will add their fees and add-ons to the MSRP and wait for you to negotiate the price back down. At John Elway Chevrolet, we discount our vehicles upfront. Every new car is marked with the MSRP and our Elway Discount.
  5. If you are trading in your vehicle you can use several "Trade-In" programs that will give you what we call a "book" value for your vehicle. The important thing to understand is that these are still estimations and are only as accurate as the information you provide. Be realistic as to the condition of the vehicle to avoid any disappointment.
  6. Get everything in writing. If the dealership does not want to provide you with copies of your contract you need to be wary. Likewise, make sure anything promised after delivery, such as repairs and accessories, are in writing. 
  7. All of our new vehicles are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. It is important that you save a copy of that warranty and understand that you are responsible for the maintenance to keep the coverage in effect. If you ever question if making a modification may void your manufacturer warranty, please give our service department a call and they can help guide you.  
If you ever have questions you may contact any of our sales consultants. As non-commissioned sales representatives, their only goal is to answer your questions and give you a world class car buying experience. We hope these tips help relieve some of the stress and anxiety of buying a car. When you are in the market we hope you visit John Elway Chevrolet in Englewood, CO.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Bad Credit? No Problem For John Elway Chevrolet Credit Center

We want nothing more than to see you drive off in a car that's going to help you and be with you for the long haul, even if you need a little help getting there

 John Elway Credit Center
Shopping for cars is fun, right up until you have to talk about Auto Loans. In the wake of the worst financial crisis in generations, vast numbers of consumers have found themselves unable to obtain traditional financing for these types of purchases. For people with poor credit, trying to get an auto loan can be very stressful and discouraging. It doesn't have to be that way anymore.  Elway Credit Center has developed strong relationships with several reputable lenders who offer financing for borrowers who find themselves in this position and we would like to help you!

We know that credit problems can happen to anyone. Whether your credit problems have developed over time due to poor spending habits or come on suddenly due to a job loss, accident or illness, Elway Credit Center is here to help. We provide Auto Loans For People With Poor Credit because we believe that everyone deserves a secondchance. The best way to rebuild good credit is to reliably pay back a loan.  At Elway Credit Center, we can make that possible for you by providing interest rates and loan terms that give you a car payment you can afford.  We want to see you succeed! 

Fact: You can get an auto loan even if you've declared bankruptcy.
            Elway Credit Center can help you get a car loan even if you have filed for bankruptcy.   If it hasn't been fully discharged, you may need an authorization to incur debt from a bankruptcy trustee first.
Fact: I had a vehicle repossessed.
            We can help you qualify for a bad credit auto loan even if you've had a car repossessed. 
Fact:  I don't need a huge upfront payment.
            If a large upfront payment is sprung on you at the last minute, it could be a sign that you aren't at a reputable dealer.  At Elway Credit Center there are no surprises. Our honest and upfront staff will guide you each step of the way providing you with complete transparency of your purchase from start to finish.

Fact: I've never had any credit before.
            It doesn't matter if you have no credit or bad credit.  We can help you get a car loan at a rate you can afford and in a vehicle that you can depend on.

For more information on our services and various auto loan options for most credit types, call us today at 877-661-6687. Our dedicated team of loan experts are here to help.