Monday, May 22, 2017

Using Apple Car Play In Your New Chevrolet

Welcome to John Elway Chevrolet technology tutorials. In this video we'll be showing you how to use Apple CarPlay with your new Chevrolet.

Apple CarPlay requires that a standard “Lightning” charging cable be plugged into your iPhone and the USB port in your new Chevy. Once connected, the “Projection” Icon on your home screen will change to Apple CarPlay.

When you press the CarPlay icon, a new screen will appear showing apps from your phone. And just like your iPhone, you can access Siri by pressing and holding the icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Pressing the PHONE icon will provide you with access to contacts, keypad and even visual voicemail right from your phone. You can return to the previous menu by pressing the icon on the lower left of the screen.

Pressing the MUSIC icon lets you listen to the music currently playing on your iPhone, as well as any of the artists, playlists or songs on your iPhone. If you choose, you can sort your music by a variety of menu choices. You can even listen to the music streaming service Apple Radio.

Pressing the MAPS icon brings the convenience of your phone maps app right on your center console so you can find locations or addresses and retrieve easy to follow, point to point driving instructions. You can even use Siri to find, let’s say… a “Starbucks” near you.

To disconnect Apple CarPlay, just unplug the Lightning charging cable from your car.

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