Thursday, October 26, 2017

John Elway Chevrolet Receives SHARP Certification

Everyone here at John Elway Chevrolet is committed to excellence in all areas including safety and health. We believe a successful business can be run while also maintaining the highest level of safety and health for its employees and guests. We are so honored to receive our SHARP certification and approval from OSHA this past week. This 2 and ½ year-long undertaking has helped us instill a culture of safety throughout the dealership.

SHARP stands for Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program. SHARP is an organization that operates separately and in conjunction with OSHA. This elite safety status is the highest level of certification awarded by OSHA. Of the over 9 million companies in the United Sates, only 1,000 are SHARP-certified. Currently in Colorado there are only 36 SHARP-certified companies. As car dealerships are concerned John Elway Chevrolet is the 2nd in the country to earn this distinction.
Although a long and rigorous process, the commitment to the safety and health of our guests and employees is what we set out to accomplish. Through education, training, and providing resources, we have been able to successful create a safety culture throughout the dealership and we take great pride in that.


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